May 13, 2008

Pilates for arthritis joint pain, will it help?

If I suffer from arthritis joint pain, but I still want (and need) to keep up with workout, can I practice Pilates?

Yes, you can as long as long as you practice it with precaution, moderation and avoid the strenuous and repetitive movements. For this, you will have to consult both your physician and your Pilates instructor, who you must inform about your condition.

A misalignment is generally the cause of joint pain. What Pilates does is giving your joints back corrective alignment by stretching and strengthening the muscles that support them. Results: joints will wear and tear less, and therefore less pain.

On the other hand, a safer and lenient form of Pilates is Water Pilates that thanks to buoyancy, viscosity and pressure helps relief injuries, tears and strains in muscles and bones.


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