March 08, 2008

How to practice Water Pilates

Water Pilates in a nutshell are Pilates exercises and movements adapted for the water. Water’s buoyancy, viscosity and hydrostatic pressure increase the body’s range of motion while stabilizing the core muscles and developing breathing.

The water environment makes easier to increase flexibility, challenges your body to maintain core stabilization, improve spine alignment and balance.

Who can practice it?

Anyone who loves Pilates and wants to live the Pilates experience under water and increase their stability power. No matter your level, Aqua Pilates is suitable for all levels of conditioning.

In fact, Pilates beginners who love aquatics can greatly benefit from adding some strengthening exercises to their regular routine.

It is great too for people who have some problems with the Pilates workout on the mat or can not have access to Pilates machines.

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