May 14, 2008

Pilates exercises for joint pain

As we saw on a previous post on Pilates for arthritis pain, the way Pilates can benefit your joint condition can be resumed this way:

Stronger muscles ---> Less pressure on joints ---> Less pain

Now let’s se what Pilates workouts are appropriate for each type of joint pain conditions:
  • Hip joint pain exercises: Pilates leg circles help stabilizing the pelvis, and lubricating the hip joint while stretching and strengthening the hip and upper leg muscles.
  • Shoulder joint pain exercises: scapular protraction and retraction exercises are great exercises to stabilize shoulder joint.
  • Wrist joint pain exercices: Wrist/finger curls help strengthen the wrist and increase finger dexterity by the use of dumbbells or weighted balls.
  • Knee joint pain exercises: Eve’s lunge on Pilates Reformer stretch and strengthen muscles surrounding the knee joint. In case you do not have a Reformer machine you can do leg extensions with a small soft ball.
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Anonymous said...

Exercises are good, but they must be combined with good nutrition. Here is a list of nutrients that may help against joint pain:

Food containing omega-3 fatty acids are especially valuable, like fish, seafood, marine oils, flaxseed oil and olive oil. Certain supplements of natural substances and herbs may give valuable stimulation of the healing processes in muscles, joints and bone structures, for example: marine omega-3 poly-unsaturated oils, glucosamine, chondroitine ,hyaluronic acid, methylsulfonylmethane, vitamine-E, vitamine D, vitamine B3, vitamine C, coral calcium, magnesium, boron, silica, Boswelia serrata, ginger, cat's claw, turmenic, rosehips, pepper fruits and grape seed extract.

Best regards
Knut Holt

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