May 12, 2008

6 keys for choosing the right Pilates instructor

Before hiring a Pilates instructor you must be aware of certain aspects to make a wise decision, worth of your health, time and money.

Pilates Method can be a challenging discipline, but with the appropriate guidance of an instructor who is knowledgeable in the subject and knows how to communicate it well.

A Pilates instructor muss fulfill these requirements:

  • The Pilates Certification. A professional Pilates instructor must have completed a full certification program. A real professional is the one who has achieved many months of in-depth study, not workshops and conferences of 1 day or 2.
  • Show interest in you. A good instructor has to know how to connect with his/her students, trying to get to know their goals, needs, etc.
  • Give instructions clearly. It’s fundamental that the instructor not only knows a lot about Pilates, but that also knows how to transmit that acknowledge to the students.
  • Show confidence and good acknowledge. An instructor must know what he is doing and he/she is making students do, especially if they are high-risk ones as elderly people, people with physical problems, or disabilities, etc.
  • Pay attention to you. Pilates groups have to be small so the instructor can give individual help to each student for an equal period of time for each.
  • Makes you feel motivated. It is important the instructor makes you feel good before, during and after the class, by giving you support and enthusiasm.
Good luck on your search!


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