April 22, 2008

How to practice Pilates with your baby

Pilates after pregnancy can help moms get back their figure and strengthen love bonds with their babies.

While your baby rests you exercise your body and communicate with her, making the most of your family time to be with your baby and do something to pamper yourself.

Pilates with baby is not gender oriented, that is not meant only for mothers, fathers can practice Pilates with their children, or better, the whole family can get together to enjoy this time.

How to do Pilates with baby

(You can watch the video at El Mundo, though it is in Spanish here is the explanation of how this goes, okie)

  • With this routine you are going to work out arms, back, abdomen, legs and buttocks.
  • Place your baby on a mat or any cozy surface on the floor. Then you put your body in a neutral position, having two points of support: your hands and toes. It may seem hard, but worth trying.
  • Hands and wrists must be at the same level of your shoulders, while these must be away from your ears. Put your spine straight, keeping its normal curvature and take the butt out a little.
  • Lean your toes on the floor and lift your knees off the surface and get your body in neutral position (neutral pelvis).
  • Looking at your baby, inspire, and when exhaling lift up a leg. Then, inspire and lift up the other leg (you can do this any times you wish). And end stretching your back.


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