December 01, 2008

Tango + Pilates = Tangopilates

Tango is Argentina’s typical dance, a marvelous blend of sensuality, romance, elegance and dexterity.

Whoever knows how to dance tango or has ever tried is aware of how difficult it is to maintain balance and a good body posture during the entire dance.

Here is where Pilates comes to scene. When combined with tango, a physical discipline that shares with it the principles of fluency, control, precision, centralization and concentration, they both give form to Tangopilates, a new form of aerobic strengthening and stretching training.

Tangopilates gets the best of both worlds by getting from Pilates an incomparable way of working out strength, flexibility, coordination and corporal stability; and the seductive and suggestive movements from tango.

The result is an original and efficient that offers you these benefits:

  • Developing your central abs.
  • Strengthening your muscles
  • Shaping and toning your waist, buttocks, hips and muscles.
  • And we have said before, improving your postural position.
  • Plus, a great cardiovascular work out for a complete training.


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