December 02, 2008

Freestyler mini gym for Pilates

Freestyler mini gym is the latest fitness sensation. Developed by biomechanics and sports professionals, Freestyler consists of seven pairs of elastic tubes that make possible to have an all –in-1 training machine.

With this exercise platform you can perform 3D movements, different kinds of muscular contractions, synchronized movements, breathing techniques and others in user-friendly safe routines.

With Freestyler you can do Pilates sessions, group classes with music, stretching, rehabilitation, specific workout for elderly people, and even for home-based training.

From sport rookies to seasoned athletes, with this platform you can achieve a diverse, complete and encouraging training of over 1000 exercises. You can even add new routines and perform new movement ways in 3D format, and unlike conventional machines, exactly where you need it.

As well as with Pilates machines, with Freestyler you can safely exercise your abdominal core, muscles and spine, plus improving your bone density, balance, joint flexibility and tone all your body muscles.

A great advantage of this machine is the little space it takes, that is why it is considered the world’s smallest gym (1 square meter). A perfect solution for Pilates fans with little time, space at home, who do not feel comfortable at gyms and rather like to exercise with the family along.

We might be seeing this son in Pilates gyms, sport clubs and wellness centers.

Via: Frestyler


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