September 01, 2008

New exercise steals the throne from Yoga and Pilates

There is a new hot thing that is taking over the fitness world: it is pole dancing. Pole dance lessons have nothing to do with developing your core and performing slow motion yoga asanas, pole dancing teaches you how to dance sexy and raunchy as a night club stripper.

From a fitness point of view, dancing has multiple benefits, since it allows you to exercise arms, buttocks, legs and abdominals, which have to be contracted to keep your body aligned to do the twists. The quick shaky movements give you in return slender and toned legs and arms.

As for personal benefits, pole dancing develops your agility and coordination, improves your self-esteem, bringing out the sexy woman in you…and yeah, having way hotter nights with your boyfriend or husband. Adrenaline and the sensation of power are guaranteed.


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