September 02, 2008

Pole dancing lessons: how are they?

On a previous post we talked about pole dancing, this new fitness trend that is becoming more popular in the U.S. and the UK, where the common women leave their inhibitions aside to grab the pole and dance…stripper style.

Generally pole dancing classes are given in small groups, and they use a pole bar, as in the strip clubs. In the classrooms there are also big mirrors around, although you may find uncomfortable looking at yourself, mirrors help you perfect your movements.

Before the dance begins, you have to do some stretching and some simple warm up exercises for 15 minutes. Then, you can start with the choreographies, which take certain number of lesson to learn.

What moves they teach you?

Sliding up and down on the pole, dance steps, sexy movements, attitudes and ways to look at and all what an exotic dancer can do on stage, which implies sweating and looking those extra pounds.

If you want to practice at home, you can have an easy fit-in tube of your own in your bedroom or wherever you want to put it. If you can not have it, you can still practice the other movements, so you keep working out your body and your sexy moves.

Note: Though this is mainly a Pilates themed blog, other physical related activities are much of our interest, so here we share this with you, hope you enjoyed this entry.


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