May 23, 2008

Pilates and pregnancy – Why it is good for pregnant women

Although pregnancy is a delicate process, exercise can not be ruled out from the life of a pregnant woman for three important reasons:

  • Makes your mom-to-be body stronger.
  • Gets your body ready for an easier delivery.
  • Helps you get a faster and better recovery after birth.

Pilates for pregnancy focuses on three main areas: back strength, pelvic floor strength and posture. As your body grows over the months the weight the baby adds is going to put strain and pulls on your back, shoulders and legs.

In addition to this, relaxin (hormone released during pregnancy) and belly growth produce weakening and loosening of muscles and joints in the pelvic area, the key delivery area. So, if you keep your muscles and joints strong throughout pregnancy you will have an easier birth and a faster recovery.

And what are the best Pilates exercises for mom, then?

The most suitable pregnancy exercises are gentle movements with a safe range of motion that help strengthening the abdomen. The results: your enhanced core muscles will give adequate support to your organs and back, so as to make your pregnancy more bearable.


Before you get ready to hit the Pilates studio, consult your physician first if there are any factors that may interfere in your workout routine.

In case you are a sporty mom already it is advisable you slow down your pace due to the fact that high level fitness can result into more blood flow diverted into the fetus and the possibility of having a low-weight baby. But if your want to keep up your training, light cardio, swimming, walking and Pilates pregnancy exercises will do you good.


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