May 21, 2008

Pilates benefits for women

Pilates is a non-gender oriented discipline; both women and men from different ages can practice this method for improving their appearance and improve their overall physical health.

Pilates will turn you into a bodybuilder –it takes a great deal of time and constant training to get to that level- but it can make you way healthier, both physical and mentally.

Pilates benefits for women's health

  • Improves your posture.
  • Enhances pelvic floor muscles and core control.
  • Increases spinal motility.
  • Enhances muscular flexibility and endurance.
  • Decreases low back pain.
  • Makes you feel younger and more dynamic in your daily life.
  • You body will look leaner and taller.
  • Improves bone density (menopausal women), lung capacity and joint health.
  • It is beneficial for women during pregnancy, after pregnancy or struggling with bladder control problems (urine incontinence).
  • Gives a boost to your sexual life.
As you can see, even though guys can benefit from Pilates method, but women can reap unique benefits for their health.


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