January 19, 2008

10 reasons why you should start doing exercise now

I guess that many of you have included in your resolutions for this year loosing weight. We are willing to eat less, to take pills, to eat tasteless diet food and much more other things before doing exercise, but c’mon we all know that the best way to loose weight is based on 3 rules:

  • Changing your lifestyle (less drinking, less smoking and less toxic things)
  • Eating healthy…and
  • Doing exercise!
Here 10 reasons I hope they help you hold out your weight loss resolution:
Whether you do Pilates, Yoga, aerobics, treadmills or whatever, what matters is that you put that body to work out!
  1. Exercise decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease: diminishes the level of triglycerides and bad cholesterol in blood.
  2. Exercise decreases cardiac frequency in repose: your heart works less in repose situations, which means less cardiac waste through the years.
  3. Exercise accelerates metabolism: you not only burn calories, but between the recovering after doing exercises, your metabolism accelerates and makes you lose weight.
  4. Exercise increases muscular mass: not as big as a bodybuilder! Exercise make you get muscles tone, and gain muscle instead of fat.
  5. Exercise fight and prevent overweight, for the reason above exposed.
  6. Exercise helps control sugar level: when doing exercise your body is going to need glucose, therefore sugar levels go down, and diabetes episodes can be prevented.
  7. Exercise gets rid of stress: after a hard work day, muscles, some physical activity makes your mind forget worries thanks to fatigue and the relaxation of muscular tension.
  8. Exercise elevates the levels of endorphins (happiness hormones): this neurotransmitter has great effects in your mood.
  9. Exercise improves your body’s posture: by toning up your muscles your body can improvers its capacity to shape up correctly, which shows notably on your back.
  10. Exercise prevents infections: once your body gets used to work out, it boosts blood levels which increase the number of immune cells.
Good luck!


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