October 10, 2007

Pilates exercises for butt & abductor muscles - Part I

Pilates has special exercises that focus on working out the butt, abductor and abdominal muscles, giving them tone and strength, and helping us develop our sense or internal balance.

But, before we describe the exercises sure you may be wondering...

What is an abductor muscle?

Abductor muscles are a group of four muscles in the buttock area in both sides of the body.

They allow to separate or abduct our legs away from the middle line of the body. We use the most these muscles in any activity or sport that requires moving from side to side, as football, ice skating, basketball, baseball, and the like.

Pilates butt exercises consist mainly on the lateral elevation of one leg, or both.

Pilates butt exercise - Lateral elevation of one leg

Initial Position

  • Lie down on one side with one arm completely extended with the palm facing down.
  • The other arm has to be flexed with the palm looking down, at the level of your navel.
  • Head has to be lying upon the extended arm.
  • Each leg has to be stretched and aligned with head, and the respectives shoulder and hip.


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