September 29, 2007

Yoga Exercises - Zen Table - Part II

6. Extension of hips. These extensions help you stretch buttocks and improve the mobility of your hips and back, since they are combined with trunk rotations. You can do it with the support leg doubled or stretched.

7. Back atrengthening. This Pilates exercise will help you to strengthen your back and prevent pain and discomfort. Get on all your fours, well-aligned, and extends one leg and the opposite arm. Keep this position and repeat it with the other leg. Do this 3 times.

8. Pilates abdominals. This consists of raising the trunk, with arms stretched and the navel “connected”, and get it closer to the legs. Keep this position a couple of seconds and repeat it between 10 and 15 times. Start getting up with the feet supported, finally double your legs and stretch them.

9. Dorsal and back streching. In this position you can easily stretch your neck, dorsal muscles and back. Stretch any arm and pass the other one through the hollow until supporting your head and shoulder. This is a very relaxing position.

10. Meditation. To end up with the Table Zen ecercises, dedícate some minutes to your mind. Place your body in a comfortable position - from legs crossed to loto position -, get together your thumb and forefinger so energy does not escape, closes your eyes and try to not think of anything.


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