August 19, 2007

Yoga Exercises - Zen Table - Part I

Warm up: Tai chi movements are perfect to warm up: Changes of weight to a side and another one moving simultaneously the arms as if you were making a drawing with the hands or maintaining a great ball. Later do rotations of shoulders, knees, head and waist.

Yoga sun salutation. This sequence of Yoga salute to the sun combines strechings and exercises of tonificación. In the table we made a very simple progression: yoga sun salutation pose, vertical table, lounge, dog, table, lounge and greeting to the sun to repeat again with the other leg. Each one of these exercises you can do them separately if you want to stretch or to strengthen more thoroughly.

Balances. In order to work the corporal alignment and the stability, to harden the legs and to relax thanks to us to the concentration that they require. For caerte it does not watch a fixed point. In the table we will make the tree of Yoga, that you can vary joining the hands over the head.

Soldiers. With this exercises Yoga, that has different degrees from difficulty, one works the force and the tonificación of the legs. A foot must be watching at the front and the other alongside. It repeats three times with each leg and holds everything what you can.

Half bridge. This Yoga exercise allows to work the lumbar zone, to harden and to stretch the cervical zone. It sticks the chin to the chest and pon the weight of your shoulder body and head. The easiest option is to support the hands to the sides of the feet, intermediate - the the one of the photo to stretch the arms below the back, the following one to raise the lumbar zone with the hands, and last the bridge supporting only hands and feet.


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