October 16, 2007

Butt Exercises Part I – 10 great Yogilates exercises for a sexy booty

Who wouldn't like to have a well-formed and very tight butt that look great in jeans and sexy outfits?

The following butt exercises we are going to describe are very easy to do. You do not need any previous experience with either Yoga, Pilates or Yogilates. so let's go:

The following asanas (Yoga positions) are soft and safety, and they have no impact. They will actually help you relax and disconnect from your worries.

Requirements for Yogilates butt exercises: Get a mat, comfortable clothes and play soft music in a well-ventilated and quiet room.

Number #1 Butt Exercise
: This is actually a Tai Chi position. Put your back straight and firm. Put your arms close to your body and flex your elbows with your hands making a fist.

Flex your knee to use it as support and take your other leg backwards totally extended.

This exercise warms up your legs and work outs your buttocks. Repeat many times in both sides, and get lower every time.

What is this for? In addition to improve the muscles of our butt, these buttock exercises also work out the abdominal part, give us more strengthen, flexibility and improves our spine posture.

Number #2 Butt Exercise: Stand up straight and raise both arms at the level of your shoulders with the palms of your hands hanging down loosely. Flex your knee and take it up slowly until the level of your waist. Hold this position for 20 seconds, tightening up your abdomen.

What is this for? This exercise strengthens your butt, legs and abdomen.


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