October 25, 2007

Butt Exercises Part II – 10 great Yogilates exercises for a sexy booty

Number #3 Butt Exercise: Stand up and extend your arms and hands with fingers together. Keep your torso and back well aligned, separate your legs and twist your torso to one side bending the knee, and keep the other leg well extended and the foot in its original position. Your body will be in a semi lateral position.

This is the classic Yoga Warrior position that allows you to make your butt and legs get hard and strong.

Do it 3 times with each leg.

Number #4 Butt Exercise: This exercise is a variation of the Warrior Yoga position. Keep the feet in the same position of the Warrior but your torso will be in a frontal position.

Raise the arm that corresposnd to the bending leg, and bring the other arm down and place it over your knee. Do not let your knee gets ahead of your ankle.

Do it 3 times with each arm.


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