March 03, 2007

Pilates for Rheumatism. Part II

Physical exercise is one of the rehab techniques most used and best developed that brings a direct benefit for the rheumatism patient to refrain the limitations of this disease.

One of the big problems that these patients present is inactivity and a generalized inactivity, frequent situation among arthosis sufferers. This is observed due to the fact that pain leads to an activity reduction, and in addition to this, there is the physical incapacity as natural result of the disease’s progress.

Some consequences of inactivity, includes muscular strength loss and decrease in cartilage production within the affected joint, which speeds up the disease itself. Besides this, we have other general effects in the organism as the decrease of aerobic capacity and respiratory problems.

Other side effects of rheumatism is obesity (that accelerates by itself the risk of arthosis and intensifies the symptoms) that brigs a detriments of daily life activities. Finally, these patients tend to be less independent and more socially isolated.

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