February 26, 2007

Pilates for Rheumatism. Part I

The term rheumatism is the most common to denominate muscles and joint ailments. And it is also a concept deeply-rooted in society as mainly a disease of older people, body functionality loss and deformations.

Speaking in general terms, the causes of rheumatism or of rheumatic diseases start by the interaction of many actors, some are of complex genetic predisposition with other environmental factors as infection and trauma.

The consequences of rheumatoid diseases include pain and functional incapacity, sometimes with physical, psychological and social detriment that can lead to an important restriction of valuable activities for the person in her normal life.

Despite of the substantial progress in the treatment of rheumatoid diseases and arthrosis, the most frequent of this type of diseases, rehabilitation specialists still do not know how to provide efficient and effective solutions to these patients since rehab techniques have straight relation with the treatment and costs caving that these disease produce.

Among this, the use of physical exercise is one of the most used rehab tools that well handled, have a direct benefit over the patient to stop the limitations produced b these pathologies.


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