February 22, 2007

Can I practice Pilates as in the gym?

Of course, as in any other sport, you can do muscle workout but with the extra advantage that the routine will always be adapted to you.

For instance, a person with spinal cord disease can not exercise her pectorals or dorsals in the same position or with the same exercises as a person with a flat column because this could aggravate her condition.

Besides, Pilates exercise routines should work muscles in a concentric and exocentric way to elongate and tone up the muscles.

This is especially important, since fitness hardens a lot the peripheral muscles. This is why bodybuilders are so stiff, their strength is only peripheral. They may have their abs very marked, but may not have abdominal strength on the transversal.

With Pilates you will be constantly working your transversal abdomen, which is very hard to work out with other types of exercises (ballet or dance). On the other hand, with the use of Pilates machines you can realize a wide array of exercises at different intensity and difficulty levels.


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