February 10, 2007

Pilates with machines or on the floor? Individual or collective?

The Pilates method ahs to be practiced alone, thus the ideal are individual classes, but practiced on the floor, it can be practiced with a small group of maximum 4 people.

There is certain confusion regarding the machines and the floor, since at some gyms classes are given on the floor because they do not have machines. This goes against the philosophy of the method because the work on the floor is the LAST step of the process after learning and practicing the machine workout.
The most complete Pilates is the one that combines machines and floor. The machines are an assistantship method to exercise shortened joints to compensate the strength we need; to increase the difficulty or intensity of the exercise.

Somebody who has been long time without doing exercises it will be much easier to start with the help of machines. But you will also have to be careful, since this might get you a bit lazy and not make any progress, and the aim is to face the reality of our body.

The process for a Pilates beginner is.

1. Getting on the floor where the trainer will explain to you the basic principles of Pilates and series of basic movements as flexion and trunk extension.

2. Activation of the transversus and placement of the body in the machines with constant modifications in each exercise until your muscles are prepared to work with control, strength, stability, balance and flexibility on the floor.

3. Finally, performing the series of exercises on the floor by yourself, but the bets is to combine both machines and floor.


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