August 04, 2007

Stretching flexibility - Seven magical tips for fitness stretching

Stretching exercises gives flexibility to your muscles and prepares them for any workout routine. Physical trainers pay special attention to this part of the compulsory warm-up before any sports training.

A well done muscle stretching predisposes your system to better relax and assimilation. However, for the layman who doesn’t follow any specific method it is good to know how to properly perform a stretching flexibility routine to prevent injuries, strains and overload.

Seven magical tips for fitness stretching

1. Flexibility stretching must be made after making exercises or before the exercises, after at least 5-10 minutes of heating.

2. Keep an eye on the correct alignment of the body to obtain more effective results.

3. Three times per week can be done daily or at least. Hold each stretching by 15-30 seconds approximately.

4. Repeat each stretching 3-4 times.

5. It avoids the points in which pain feels.

6. Stretching flexibility is supposed to be felt in center of the muscle not in the joints.

7. Exhale every time you stretch and breathe normally. Remember to keep your movements slow.


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