February 02, 2007

Can Pilates cure back pain, the chronic disease of our days?

Yes, it can. This has a logic explanation, which is the base of the Pilates method. The reason is that it is the only method that does not consider the spinal cord as a block but as a group of joints independent among each other.

Each vertebra is an independent bone with a joint that unites it to the femur, knee and leg bone (fibula). The cause of back pain is because the paravertebral muscles accumulate too much tension because they never get stretched or work out adequately because of inactivity and wrong positions.

Externally, this tension is shown in the trapezoid area, which is what the massager or physiotherapist deals with when we go to consultation, but never reaches those deep muscles, which makes back pain come back again.

Of each vertebra come out tiny rope-like muscles, the multifidus, the deepest muscles of the spinal cord. Over them, there are other overlapping rope-like muscles that reach the trapezoids or dorsal muscles.

With mobilization exercises, our spinal cord achieves flexibility and releasing the tension of the multifidus, which is spread immediately all through our muscle system.


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