January 31, 2007

The problems of being sitting down too much

When we face the problem that our bodies can not perform the activities they are meant for and cause us weakness, injuries and pain, it would be good to take a look at what we are asking our body every day to do.

Question: What is the activity you realize the most any single day? Unless you are a professional athlete, a dancer or a personal trainer, you would answer: Sitting down.

Most of us spend great part of the day sitting down in front of the computer, watching TV, having dinner; in the car…we are stuck to the seat.
Let’s not confuse resting with being sitting down!

For sitting down well, you have to use certain torso muscles. Otherwise, if you are curve during long time, you will be training incorrectly your muscles.

Therefore, this helps you realize that every time we perform correctly with our bodies a determined action; we are training it to improve determined position.
People who walk erected and perfectly stretched have been training for that for years!

If we ask our bodies to lift boxes, take out the shirt or holding the baby, we are exposing it to possible injuries. For this, it is necessary a training, as fro any other activity. Yeah, you guess right, for sitting down too.

As we all know, most chairs have a back support, thus the process of training has almost disappeared. What brings to our minds: The Japanese. By getting their muscles used to sitting in an upright position, they can keep a right position whatever they do. That would explain the reduced percentage of back problems in Japan – 80% less- than in the Occidental world.


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