January 28, 2007

Can Pilates rejuvenate your body?

Yes, it can. Pilates works deep muscles, which allows disarticulating all those parts of our bodies that need a change, that have been getting “sloppy” over the years due to the wrong positions and the bad habits.

If deep muscles are toned up, the peripheral muscles are toned up and elongated as well.

In addition to build up a healthy back, Pilates strengthens like any other method the abdominal belt, especially the abdominal transversal, which is the deepest muscle, and the peripheral muscles (abdominal rectum and oblique muscles).
With the Pilates method, position is indeed reeducated. This, along with muscular toning and elongation makes the body get slender and improve its appearance.

On top of this, your body rejuvenates since it recovers its strength, flexibility, mobility and energy, skills it looses with age and inactivity.


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