January 27, 2007

What makes Pilates different from other training systems?

Unlike other traditional training systems, Pilates is worked having into account the joint limitations of each person and starting from the base that the spinal column of the person may not be correctly aligned.

Not all the back curves are ideal: there are misaligned columns, flat or affected by different pathologies. This absolutely determines the type of exercise of each person has to do.

Pilates works these differences through modifications of each exercise that facilitate their realization to make it right for each person. The essence of Pilates is the dissociation of movement and the articulation work of the spinal cord.
On the other hand, Pilates is a conscious exercise system: Who practice it know what each exercise ifs for, how it has to be done, and what effect it produces. But not all Pilates schools work in this way; they have adapted to modern times, since the originals method is obsolete.

Stott Pilates is one of the few schools that has adapted to its training method more up-to-date acknowledge on the spinal cord.


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