January 24, 2007

How your shoes can tell the truth about your body

You can have a lot of information about body condition just by taking a look at your shoes. Notice when you walk in the street the soles of your shoes (leather soles, not of rubber):

  • Are they wasted on the inner or outer part?
  • One sole seems to be more wasted than the other?
  • Toes are more marked in one foot than in other?

If you check your pants, when you get up or down the hem you will notice that your legs not measure the same. Most of us have one leg slightly shorter than the other; and likewise we have one foot larger then the other.

These “abnormalities” are normal if they are not exaggerated.
Analyze the symptoms you have when you spend long time sitting down, if it hurts your neck or back. Remember, that you do not have to stand any pain in any of these parts of your body if your body is working correctly.

Unfortunately, most bodies are not correctly aligned, neither symmetric. Both sides work in different way: some are strong and work very well, while others are weak and barely work.

When some parts of our bodies stop functioning, the whole unit starts unstructuring. Although, not all muscles are doing their job, we still have to continue with our normal lives and performing daily activities, thus other muscles have to compensate the weakness and tension created in those zones.

We keep our muscles to ease the misbalance of your body in a way the strong and developed muscles become stronger and the weak ones even weaker.
We start feeling pain in those areas that need compensation of others, or we feel a chronic pain in the lower back area and in the neck.

The key is finding out how this works; a vicious circle that bothers us every day. A conventional exercise doe not solve the problem; the body has to be reeducated to be ready for the daily stress. Until the body is not trained as a whole, as it is done in Pilates, these weaknesses will not do anything but increase.


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