January 22, 2007

Perfect body, perfect movements

How our bodies should be to perform any movement in the right way? First of all, both sides of the body should be as symmetric as possible, strong and flexible enough. Shoulders, hips, ankles and shoulder blades have to be parallel and symmetric.

Lets’ make a position test:

Stand up in front of a mirror so you can check your whole body. Adopt what it is called a “right position” and check out:

- Shoulders at the same height and parallel towards the floor.
- Symmetric and leveled hips.
- Hand palms looking backwards.
- Knees together, symmetric and looking forwards.
- Ankles together.
- The weight of your body has to be equally distributed on each leg.

Now get in your usual position when you stand up. What has changed? It is petty likely you have noticed many differences.

Which are the most common bad positions?

- Head inclined towards one side or forwards.
- Shoulders are not leveled neither parallel. One is more forwards or both are curved.
- Hand palms are twisted.
- Hips are not parallel: forwards, backwards or on your side.
- Knees and ankles overloaded and possibly unleveled.
- Feet too outside.
- Weight is not distributed among both legs.
- Feet muscles are contracted.


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