January 20, 2007

Body misalignment

Although we have not been given any special physical gift, our bodies are born as symmetric and coordinated units. Superiority or inferiority of each body depends on each person, but always the frontal and back parts have to be coordinated.

The right and left sides have to be both designed to cooperate together, diving the work symmetrically. The skeleton is given a muscular system, that it is also conducted by the nervous system.

An appropriate and functional body is able to use both systems in an independent and synchronized way.

To understand what it is exposed here it is important to point out the importance of torso. Every step we take, every box we lift and every movement we make have to be coordinated by the abdominals and the back to protect the spinal column to avoid any injury. No matter how strong your biceps are, if your torso does not have enough stability, its strength will be limited.

Think of your body as a muscle chain, being one of its most important links the torso due to the multiple injury risks in our daily activities. It is supported on muscles that have to be strong enough to resist the load, along with biceps and shoulders to give enough inner stability for the spinal cord to be protected.


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