January 17, 2007

Practicing Pilates

Always start by the most basic level. Pass to the next one when you can perform the previous one with no effort. Take air through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Expulse the air with maximum effort. Do not hold your breathe.
More than exercise, Pilates is a series of movements. Do not think of it as traditional gymnastics to finish one series to start a new one. Focus on the way you are doing it. The path is as important as the goal. Make each movement 10 times with no pause. Play soft music, with no marked rhythm (New Age, Classic, etc.).

Start the routine with long and soft movements to warm up your body. (Open and close your arms, walk on your tiptoes without getting out of your position, bend your knees). If you notice any back pain or anywhere, go back to an inferior level exercise. Pain is symptom that something is not good.

Practice Pilates 3 times a week during 45 minutes. After 4 weeks you will have a better posture and in much better shape.

Remember to do cardiovascular exercises, walking, aerobics, footing, etc.


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