January 09, 2007

How Pilates principles support our body movements

1. Relaxation: Staring at a fix point, letting go the unwanted tension of the body.

2. Concentration: The constant focus on each movement is required for the total control over your body.

3. Alignment: Keeping the right position avoids unnecessary biomechanical tension and corrects the mechanism of guilty movements. All pieces are affected, i.e., transversal abdominal exercise to correct tendonitis.

4. Breathing: We have to breathe efficiently so our body can receive enough oxygen to perform Pilates exercises. For instance, for lower abdominals, breathing has to be directed in a lateral way to the lowest ribcage.

5. Centering: Centering the pelvic bottom with transversal abdominals gives more stability.

6. Coordination: Repeating coordinated movements restore the normal movement of the body.

7. Flow movements: Natural movements, controlled and slowly for a performance with no effort.

8. Stamina: Energy will be wasted by performing movements that lead to pain or tension. Pilates method makes sure the sport or activity you practice are performed with the right muscle movements.


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