December 28, 2006

Pilates and kids

Never is too early to start doing Pilates

Most of the exercises of the Pilates method are based on the natural movements and common in children. The problem comes with the years, since we are loosing those healthy movements for others that damage and degenerate our bodies.

The practice of Pilates since childhood is ideal for when we become grownups we will not have to reeducate our bodies, but just keep the natural evolution of it.

The Pilates method helps the natural development of the body. Stretching and decompression help the healthy and integral growth, stimulating the body and mind of children.

Pilates can also enable children to develop their strength, resistance, flexibility, coordination and balance by teaching them from an early age to work with control and taking conscious of their bodies.

They will learn to keep a right position in the diverse daily situations of life: sitting down, swimming, bending, etc), strengthening and enlarging muscles of abdomen and back, which will prevent future injuries.

Pilates will introduce children to the world of health and sports, motivating them to practice other disciplines as dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and sports in general, helping them in the practice of anyone.

If since we are little we are taught to work and properly take care of our body, more than the 60% of the muscular-bone problems will be eradicated.


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