December 30, 2006

Pilates and sports. Part I

Pilates is designed to give flexibility, natural tolerance and skillfulness that unmistakably will be reflected in the way you walk, play a sport and work.

Olympic athletes and international players of rugby, cricket and golf have introduced in their sportive training the Pilates Method, which initially was mostly practiced by professional dancers and movie stars. For instance, the Canterbury Bulldogs practice as part of their weekly program to prevent injuries, sessions of Yoga and Pilates. For players, Pilates dramatically improves their performance and make them less prone to suffer injuries.

The importance of Pilates

One of the most important changes in medicine is the self-management. The regular practice of Pilates has been proven to be assertive in the prevention of back pain. A recent investigation of the physiotherapy department of Queensland University has demonstrated that the lumbar dorsal spine cord is stabilized and protected when we increase the coordination and strength in the deep abdominal muscles; these are the transversal abs. This is actually, the same conclusion Joseph Pilates, the creator of the method, came up in the 1920’s.


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