December 17, 2006

Children and Pilates

If you have decided that your children would do good practicing Pilates, here are some recommendations to counsel your kids:

- Be patient, start slowly: Physical training and sports are long-term period activities. In order to be an expert in Pilates, you have to learn the basic principles and then gradually gaining experience. So encourage him/her to not give up if things did now work out fine at his/her first class.

- Ask the Pilates trainer if he/she is totally sure your son/daughter can pass to the following level.

- Pilates help kids to consolidate their bones during their growing process. It is recommended they do any physical activity (Pilates or any other sport) for 30 minutes a day.

- If you can, it would be good to implement a small personal gym at home for children under 15. you can make small weight lifts for them by filling plastic bottles of ½ liter with wet sand that weight 300 to 500 grams


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