December 16, 2006

Pilates, yoga, kickboxing…which one should I choose?

Although this blog is mainly dedicated to the Pilates method, we have to compare it and contrast it to other physical activities that benefit our physical condition. Anyone you choose, it must be the one that suits your physical condition and meets your workout needs.
Stationary bike system: It is good for cardiovascular needs. There are stationary bikes for people with columns and hip problems.

Pilates: Combines many movements that help muscular control, which benefits psychomotricity.

Yoga: Soft aerobic exercises are a good combination, but the must be finished with elongation. It is good for people with osteoarthritis.

Swimming: Aerobic exercises under water are great for people with cardiovascular diseases sine water gives resistance to the weight of the body.

Weight loss training: It gives excellent results to people over 65 years old and even to people around their 80’s. Just 2 of sessions half an hour per week per can help reducing osteoporosis.

Tai Chi: It can efficiently teart arthritis. It also helps reducing blood pressure as much as walking 30 minuets every day.


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