November 01, 2006

Pilates exercises: Part I

Here we present you some Pilates exercise you can practice with a regularity of twice a week:

Remember that the most important thing of these exercises program is to perform them slowly for their correct realization, taking care of coordinating them rhythmically with the breathings.

Diaphragm breathing exercise

Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth with lips firmly closed at the same time you are doing the movement (effort). In some exercises, one inhalation is not enough; each person has to adapt her respiration in such a way of not getting fatigue. It would be nice if you play some background music as Gregorian chants that have the perfect rhythm –nor fats, nor so slow- that go perfectly with the exercise and giving you a sensation of great peaces and self-comfort.

A good alignment is essential. Always watch that your column is well aligned.
When it is a good weather you may perform the exercise outdoors, and in some cases with oxygen supply.

Standing up, with the feet together and the arms hanging on each side of the body, start three deep breathings. Inhale through your nose, elevating both arms by the sides until getting both hands together above your head. Stretch your body. Return to the initial position. Slowly. Release at the same time the air through your mouth (as blowing up a candle).

When moving your arms and hands try to make soft movements, esthetic, as in ballet. Don’t stay rigid. When lifting up and moving the legs, do it with the toes downwards to stretch them more.

The Pilates exercise program will allow us, with discipline, to shape and strength our muscles that will enable us to move with more agility and have more physical resistance.


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