October 28, 2006

Yogilates benefits

Better posture: Knowing that Pilates has been used in any kind of injury rehabilitation it is obvious that emphasizes on a perfect body alignment and for holding yoga position is necessary having a good posture!

More muscular strength: In Yogilates works against gravity, achieving through this way more strength thanks to the resistance of your own body weight in any posture.

More flexibility: The great of this discipline is the blending of body stretching and strengthening.

Less pain: It is demonstrated that the practice of Yoga is more effective for lumbar pain than chiropractic and traditional physical rehabilitation. For both purposes, Yogipilates has been used to eliminate pains and injuries.

Body-shaping: This is one of the most appealing benefits since anyone wants to look slimmer and more toned. Yogipilates can give you both without increasing your muscular volume.


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