October 25, 2006

Yoga +Pilates = YOGILATES

For maximum performance Pilates and Yoga blend in a new method aimed to get the benefits of both disciplines with a synergic effect.

So, considering the fast lifestyle most people have nowadays it turns out terrific to realizing an efficient and effective physical training for getting strength, flexibility, good posture, control and stress management, among other results.

There is an incredible similarity between Yoga and Pilates, two disciplines very “in” nowadays for their wonderful benefits body and mind. While Yoga has a millenary history of over 4 000 years, Pilates has no more than 100.

Though, it not strange they have too many similarities, since Joseph Pilates, the creator of the Pilates method was inspired by yoga to create his method in the 1920’s.

And how Yogilates came up? It was created in 1997 by the New York Pilates instructor and personal trainer, Jonathan Urla. It is a physical method that integrates the strengthening of the core or Powerhouse and the aligning principles of Pilates with the hatha yoga.

Urla also included the acknowledge of the exercise science, dance medicine and biomechanics in the Yogilates system for a complete, effective and secure regime than can be practiced for anyone, no matter his age or work out background. Its regular practice improves your performance in every activity. It includes 300 exercises, from beginners to advanced level.

So, uf you decide to give it a try to Yogilates remember to relax, open your minds and renew yourself with the new fitness of the XXI century.


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