September 17, 2006

Technique Three: Progressive muscle relaxation

This exercise can be done anywhere, sit won or lying down. You can realize the whole exercise or just parts of it if time is a problem.

For instance, just move your neck and shoulders muscles in circles to let out quickly part of the tension. Take three deep breathings with your eyes closed. Hold the air for five seconds per each breathe. Then, exhale and feel the relaxation response.Notice the difference between tension and relaxation.

Now, make a fist with your left hand, so tight until you feel it uncomfortable. Then, undo the fist slowly to get the relaxation response.Feel again the difference between tension and relaxation. Repeat the exercise with the left fist again.Afterwards, proceed to exercise these way other parts of your body in the following order:
  • Tight your right fist
  • Tight both fists together
  • Bend your left biceps
  • Bend your right biceps
  • Frown (to tight the forehead)
  • Close your eyes firmly
  • Tight the chin
  • Close your lips tightly
  • Shrink your shoulders
  • Tight your stomach
  • Tight your thighs
  • Bend your toes

Wake up slowly and feel the relax sensation all over your body. You must concentrate on how your body throws away the nerves and stress. Practicing this regularly will make you feel more relaxed in exhausting situations and will help you improve your sleep quality as well.


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