September 13, 2006

Easy and effective relaxation techniques

There are three main relaxation techniques you can practice when feeling stressed out or disturbed. If you practice them regularly they will soon become part of your lifestyle that will make you feel very often relaxed.

Next post we’ll be include progressive muscle relaxation and NLP exercise (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to get rid of negative thoughts and memories.
Due to the mind-body connection, relaxing exercise will trespass your mind. Most of the tension we feel is because of our resistance to certain sensations or emotions. Try to relax and let that sensation come through you.

Technique One: Breathing exercise

Lie in your bed, arms separated from your body and legs uncrossed. Wear loose clothes. If you are not in your bedroom, sit down in a comfortable chair with your arms and legs separated. Take three deep respirations with your head up and your eyes closed, focus on the breathing’s effects in your body. Feel the contractions of your diaphragm. Imagine how this energy circulates around your body, invading it. While breathing out, repeat the word “peace” in your mind.

Continue with this until you feel completely relaxed. Then, open your eyes and get up slowly.

Technique Two: Autogenic relax

You can practice this sit down or lying in bed. Unfasten any tight clothes and make yourself comfortable. Take a deep breath hold it for three seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat this five times until with your eyes closed .

Then imagine you’re lying on the san of a solitary beach, listening to the waves crashing on the sand. Far away, you hear the sound of seagulls.

The sun is shiny and slightly burning over your left arm, warming it up and making it feel heavy. Focus on how warn and heavy your arms are feeling.

Now the sun is shining over your right arm with the effects abovementioned. After this, the sun is doing the same over your left and right legs, head, neck and stomach (in this order).

Finally, focus the sun’s heat all over your body. Feel how warm and heavy your body is. Let your body sink in the chair or bed.

Stay in this state until you feel an utter relaxation before waking up slowly. This will help you have a quiet and relaxed attitude for your activities.


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