August 27, 2006

Madonna & Pilates

Queen’s of pop, Madonna is not only admired for her music, chameleonic looks and coolness, but also for her flexibility. But, what she does for staying so flexible and fit at age 48?

Pics of the dive stretching and bouncing, surrounded by young and muscular dancers in an energetic concert, can be the envy of any teenager.

In times of super-sizing worries and the diffusion of more healthy lifestyles in all media, this might be a good chance to take a glimpse on the singer’s habits.

Madonna’s body is the product of years of work out and well-designed exercise program.

She’s a Pilates and yoga Ashtanga (this type of yoga consists in a series of stronger and more energetic exercises than traditional yoga) lover and has a very strict diet, besides doing exercises.
Experts affirm that flexibility is at the reach of most people, even for the lazy ones. It’s just a matter of endeavor and will what makes it come true.

The younger you start; greater are the possibilities of getting long-lasting effects.

It’s undeniable that there are genetic differences. Some people are born with natural flexibility, while others have it hard to lift a leg.

As we grow old and if we have a sedentary lifestyle; among the tissues that connect our muscles, start appearing collagen deposits.

This collagen accumulation makes our movements capacity get limited, causing hardening. However, making stretchings contributes to break this collagen structure, thus we can move with more liberty.

The best techniques for achieving more flexibility are Pilates and yoga. They both reinforce muscular mass and stretch the muscles without making them gain volume.

According to Pilates instructors, chairs are mostly the cause of our alignment problems. Therefore, schools should encourage kids to sit down on the floor with legs crossed, so they won’t’ loose flexibility and will keep an active musculature.

If you sit on the floor, your muscles keep working, while sitting on a chair, you have a stop.

So, if you want to improve your position and get a younger and healthy look, why don’t you try these wonderful techniques? Or at least you can start by sitting on the floor. That’s not so tough, huh!


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