September 21, 2006

Pilates for senior people

Although for most senior people a gym seem like a young people’s territory, Pilates in a method that invites them that idea behind. Pilates, as we have explained along previous posts, is more than a series of body shaping and weight loosing exercises.

Pilates’ method uses special mechanical equipment designed to facilitate the work out and motive development, adapted to senior people’s needs.

It can be practiced on benches with pedals, a rotator crank, a ramp ladder, an extensive flexor and a rotator plate. Of course, the routine is guided by a Pilates’ instructor.

In nursing homes, especially in Europe, there are special Pilates’ programs for senior people. Though, there was at first certain resistance from both men and women, who felt ashamed of doing “exercises of young people” at their age, and the fright of performing the Pilates positions, that seemed at first, complicated for them.

The idea of Pilates for elderly people is not achieving muscles sculpting not loosing weight, the idea of keeping them in physical, mental and spiritual activity. Pilates can be taken as a sport or leisure activity, but is mainly aimed to enhance the elder man and women life quality.


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