July 19, 2006

Pilates Method and Golf

When we hear the word “Pilates” we use to relate with gymnastics and dance, but have you ever thought of golf when talking of Pilates? Effectively, the Pilates Method can be used in golf to improve the game empowering strength, resistance, muscular control and position correction, through the strengthening of diverse stabilizing muscles (scapular zone, near the shoulder blade).

The ability of playing with full energy 18 holes requires of the essential elements used in a Pilate’s program: coordination, balance, strength, resistance, flexibility and mental agility.

Pilates benefits for the golf player

Power House strengthening, since balance is required for the uniform swing, and will help to stable the spinal column, which will prevent any injury.

Minimizes the risk of a lower back lesion, improving the posture habits of this area in particular and the rest of the body by means of specific exercises of stabilization and abdominal strengthening.

Improves the abridgement of the ischial bone (hipbone), by mobility and flexibility exercises, carefully introduced in the program.

Increases the leg’s muscular resistance, strengthening them to prevent fatigue.

Improves the torso’s rotation and the flexibility of the hips and the scapular area for generating more energy, and consequently getting more potency.

Strengthening of the limbs (arm, forearm), specifically the wrists (energy transmitter at the impact moment) the entire arm, from the shoulder’s joint until the wrist’s joint.

Correction of the muscular unbalances, derived from lesions. The weakest area will be exercised to compensate the unbalances originated practicing golf.


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