July 21, 2006

Analyzing different golf movements

Swing: when analyzing the most important golf movements, we see how the body Works and how a specific Pilates’ program substantially improves your game. A high level of rotation requires having strength and control on shoulder, dorsal zone, arms and lower back.

Set-up: The stand or to the ball position is the most important phase of swing and from where starts the initial backswing movement. Therefore, what you have to look for in this phase is keeping a solid and stable base that gives you firmness and security making the swing. For that, alignment, balance and flexion are keynotes in this phase. A good set-up lightens up the spine’s tension and stability to the rest of the swing.

Backswing: It’s the golf club’s preparation, when it is up. During this the torso’s rotation works in synergy with the arms’ elevation. They go up in block, hips twist 45° and shoulders keep spinning until 90° respect to the ball’s position.

Downswing: When the golf club gets down from its highest point. The right rotation is taking out 1° the hips and then the superior train, creating a moving chain generating potency in the twist, taking care of keeping the alignment and stabilization of hips and shoulders, embracing the middle line between the transversal axis.

Follow-through: It is the strike’s termination. The muscular activity generated till this point of the swing demands from the golf player to keep a level of tension at setting the golf club free. You’d get position and balance control in the finish.


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