July 16, 2006

Winsor Pilates

Mari Winsor is known for taking the Pilates method to new levels of public recognition through celebrity, sportspeople and famous music stars training.

As a pioneer instructor of Pilates, Mari Winsor began developing her innovating system about 20 years ago. She opened the first Pilates studio in Los Angeles in 1990 with techniques based on the innovating exercise technique introduced by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s.

Mari has taken Pilates movements to a completely new level using her exclusive technique of dynamic sequencing, a routine of low intensity and calorie-burning exercises that can help you loose those undesired pounds and inches. Mari’s technique affirm, strengthen and tones muscles, resulting in a more elegant and sculpted body with just 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week!

The Winsor system

With more than 4 million clients, this one of a kind Pilates program, is guarantees to tone and sculpt your whole body focusing on working your “energy central” or main muscular groups (abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks) to shape a curved and toned body. Winsor Pilates is designed to help you loose weight and inches, easy to do and non intimidating, the programs also present an additional trainer who shows the modifies exercises routine in case you have delicate areas in your body or you find the exercise hard to follow.

The key of this program is the exclusive dynamic sequencing. A combination of user-friendly exercises, realized in a specific order at a rhythm of low intensity and calorie-burning that shapes your body in less time than other routines.

Winsor Pilates can benefit physical conditioning at any level:
  • Sculpts long muscles and fat-free
  • Makes your body stronger, more flexible and healthy
  • Strengthens your body’s central part

The basic Winsor Pilates’ system includes:

A step by step basic video: a clear instruction of the seven exercises that show you the basics on the Winsor Pilates routine, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. A step by step guide of the most efficient movements for body-shaping, that presents a “3D virtual routine”. It’s like you’d have Mari Winsor in your house (30 minutes length).

A 20-minute work out video: A fast and directs session developed to sculpt a gorgeous body when you are busy or in a hurry (20 minutes length)
The Winsor Dozen: A portable exercises guide “for going anywhere” designed to follow Mari’s program and keeping the rhythm and keep on practicing when you travel or doesn’t have access to a VCR or DVD.

Progress diary: register your weekly advance on this easy to use diary created to help you reach your goals of physical conditioning. This diary is a day by day motivating system that is personalized according to your needs and will help you register your advances and get results faster.

Win-in-10 Nutritional Plan: Learn a nutritional style that liberates stored fat, will give you additional energy and keep you mentally awake, without starving at all.


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