June 03, 2006

Pilates equipment

Joseph Pilates invented a series of special machines to perform the exercises based on his method such as :

- Cadillac: This is a bed-shaped platform surrounded by a metal frame. This apparatus is for working abdomen, hips and chest.

- Universal Reformer: Platform with a sliding cartthat moves along it and with springs that give a changing resistance. It works feet, thighs, spine, abdomen and shoulders. Thi is the most used and has been adapted for fitness club to do colective classes with background music.

- Low Chair: it was designed to work as a household gym. The exercises that are realized in this chair work knees, feet, shoulders, spine and abdomen.

- High Chair: this chair has a high support por the back and and two more for both hands. This is a good machine for knees and feet rehab.

- Big barrel: this is used by dancers when they want to perform advanced stretchings. It can be also used to harden addomen and to strenghten spinal column and legs.

* Beginners start working on mat on the floor, and as they are making progress, they pass to the Reformer and the other machines.

* Is it possible to practice it without equipment?: Of course. The work with equipment is as effective as the one on the mat. So there is no excuse for not practicing it.


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