June 02, 2006

The occidental Yoga

Pilates' method is meant to do muscular work of strengh-resistance, joint and muscular flexibility and position control. This sis a quite intense and effective discipline, realized in a wholly different environment: instead of performing the routine with groovy loud background music, while the instructor is yelling the instruccions; with Pilates the environment used is totally relaxed to allow the direct communication between the instructor and the student, accompanied by soft and pleasant music for the ears and the spirit. In short, it looks for a holistic work of mind, body and spirit; it’s a pretty complete corporal education in which the body works as a whole, from the upper to the lower muscular structure, and body and mind take part equally and in harmony.

Keynote: Pilates’s method follows the next principles as the touchstones of its philosophy:

  • Physical control (to avoid injuries)
  • Precision (derived from control)
  • Flexibility (any movement can not be rigid)
  • Fluency (not to fast, nor so slow)
  • Breathing (coordinated with the exercises)
  • Mental control (mind is indivisible from the body)


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