June 01, 2006

How soon will I see results?

With Pilates you will be able to notice results in the first session. When you will feel and notice the capacity of your corporal and mind strengh. And as Pilates himself said: “ in 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll se the difference and in 30 sessions it will change your body”.

The Pilates method does change you body and mind and the way you interact with your environment. In order to achieve this, it focuses on getting a deep control of body and mind to activate the blood and lymphatic systems, stretching every muscle and tendon to lubricate the body. All of this is done under a strict control of the brain system. In this way we’d get body-shaping, making work our mind, body and soul together.

The key: Exercising the body fromt he center to the limbs, adopting almost all posisble postitions, some of them unbelievable. To maximize its benefit, the patient or trainee has to overcome step by step different phases and exercises, being breathe control the most necessary to activate each muscle with an specific purpose.

It works out meticulously every body part to give it back its functionality and making the best of it to reach amazing results. Besides of that, for Pilates aficionados this is a pleasant experience, since the movements are slow and soft and demsnd a lot of concentration, which is achieved with the body’s total relaxation and liberation from stress o worries.


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