May 31, 2006

Pilates benefits

Pilates is a physical discipline whose benefits have been approved by medicine specialists and physycal therapists. Nevertheles we have to remark that this method is aimed to relax body and mind –not a perfect body-shaping technique or to fight cellulitis–, oxygenating muscles and making the person aware of her joints.

The body becomes tighter and lustruous, acquiring a better shape.
You can move with more agility, develop more physical skills do things faster and prevent injuries.

  • Increases of physical and mental strength and resistance, which makes it an ideal technique for those people who are under too much stress or are recovering from a serious injury.
  • The mind takes control of the body, increasing in this way the person’s self-confidence and self- steem.
  • Great relief for back pain.
  • Improves musculay flexibility and joint’s movility.
  • The boby gets stronger, but not as a heavyweight’s.
  • Corrects the body’s coordination, position, balance and alignment.
  • Gives quiet sleep.
  • Improves sexual hard drive.
  • Reduces fatigue, unease and pain.


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