May 30, 2006

What is Pilates about?

It consists on an exercise routine that is aimed to emphasize on what Pilates denominated as the Powerhouse, which are muscles and torso, mainly andominals, spinal and buttocks. He develpoed over 300 exercises with its variations, that include exercises on the floor and with equipment. The latter have such particular names like "Cadillac", "Wunda Chair" and "Universal Reformer".

The method combines the best from the eastern and occidental tradition, unifying body and mind, taking them as a whole that coordinates in perfect harmony. The eastern focus is a path that leads towards calmness, being concentrated and feeeling plenitude, emphasizing on stretching and flexibility. And the occidental focus- due to this is also known as the occidental yoga - emphasizes on movement, muscular tone and strengh. It’s a mix of different corporal techniques as massages, ostheopathy, Feldenkrais Method, stretching and reeducation in global position.

There is no doubt of its benefits in the muscular and joint system, as awell as correcting position, developing concentration, attention, relaxation and breathing, leading to a better contact with our own body. It’s for severe injury problems; but, it’s recommendable before starting to consult your doctor first.


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